Tiger Bay Village – a proposed, full–service community for the homeless.

Proposed Tiger Bay Village Site
Conceptual plan of proposed Tiger Bay Village by Michael E. Arth / Pedestrian Villages Inc.
Proposed Tiger Bay Village Site

What benefits does Tiger Bay Village provide for the community at large?

  1. • Provides a lower cost alternative to existing failed programs.

  2. • Implemented in phases

  3. • Crime reduction, and alternative to the high financial and social cost of prison

  4. • Not in anybody's back yard. Thoroughly addresses the NIMBY issue.

  5. • Provides a permanent solution for the chronically adult homeless which is not being addressed or serviced locally, while providing a place for the temporarily adult homeless to work their way back into the broader community.

  6. • Executed on County land adjacent to existing services and will spread costs equally amongst all property owners in county, instead of only certain communities.

  7. • Services will be focused on citizens with ties to Volusia county – all others will be wait–listed or denied so that locals receive services as first priority.

  8. • Access to Highway 92 Bus transportation, but also in a remote, undeveloped area which will have the least impact on existing communities.

  9. • Creates desired “campus” of centrally located services.

  10. • Ideal location for proposed new Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Daytona Outreach Center facilities to partner as first projects.

  11. • Hierarchy system which separates drug and alcohol users from the clean and sober.

  12. • Provides various work opportunities and screened labor force.

  13. • Provides a model for other areas to solve their own homeless problem.